A world united in sustainable travel.

At Dunia Travel we promote travel that unites individuals and lifts up communities. We want to introduce you to beautiful places, beautiful art and beautiful souls from all corners of the globe. Our hope is that you will be inspired to travel to places you may have never considered, meet people you may have never met and get to know this world through the eyes of others. 


Dunia Unificada works closely with its local partners to foster sustainable development through travel and tourism. Follow our travel guides to assure you are traveling in a responsible way that supports economic development, but at the same time keeps this world beautiful and healthy. 


Happy travels!

Relying heavily on the sounds of the Gnawa, Amazigh, Saharoua, and Regaga tribes, Daraa Tribes fuses these traditional (some of them ancient) rhythms, melodies, and lyrics with modern and electric instruments, creating a unique music style reflecting the vibrant and diverse culture spread throughout the oases of the Daraa River Valley in the South Eastern Moroccan Sahara. They call it Oasis Blues.