7 Must See Places

1. Gorges Dades

Gorges Dades is located about 6 hours southeast of Marrakech. The gorge is a spectacular experience. Located an hour outside of the town Boumalne Dades, experience Berber culture, Moroccan mountain life, and see one of the world’s most dangerous roads.

2. Sahara Camel Trek

A Camel Trek is a must experience trip if you have the time. Ride camels out to a Berber camp and sleep under a million stars. Words cannot explain how magnificent this experience can be. One of our favorite companies to use is called The Little Prince located just outside of Merzouga. You can book with them online and they will assist you in figuring out transportation to and from their Auberge.

3. Sidi Ifni & Legzira

Legzira and Sidi Ifni are must-see places if you have some time to get far down south. Sidi Ifni is a small town located on the southern coast about an hour south of Tiznit. Sidi Ifni is a small Spanish influenced town with a large surfing culture and laid back vibe. Here you can eat some incredible Paella and spend a day on the beach. The highlight of this area, however, is Legzira which, is a series of red stone arches on the beach. At low tide, you can hike from Sidi Ifni to Legzira usually taking a couple hours.  There are a few restaurants and hotels near the arches but, if you don’t want to spend money then pack a snack because this is a day-long adventure.

4. Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is known as the blue city in the mountains most infamously known among Moroccans as the hash capital of Morocco. Chefchaouen is an experience that can feel dreamlike. A beautiful blue painted town on a mountainside, Chefchaouen offers great shopping, breathtaking photos, and a hike to a beautiful waterfall called Akchour. Chefchaouen is located in the North in between Fes and Tetouan.

5. Essaouira

Essaouira one of DU’s all-time favorite spots in Morocco. Essaouira is the ideal destination for shopping, history, food, and experience. Every summer Essaouira hosts a free three-day music festival called Ganawa. If you are a fish eater be sure to check out the fish market and eat the day’s freshest catch.

6. Ouzoud

Ouzoud is a great place to visit for the day or if you have time stay for a few. This massive waterfall will take your breath away. Hostels and campsites are located up and down the river with great hiking options, swim spots, and a very relaxed vibe. One of our favorite hostels is the Rasta camp, the last camp on the river on the left.

7. Toubkal

Mount Toubkal is North Africa’s highest peak. If you are a hiker and want to see remote Berber villages than Toubkal is a must. Generally, the hike takes at least 3 days and guides are advisable. Guides can be found in Marrakech or when you hike up to the refuge or base camp to the summit.