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As a child, Moha’s father was recognized for artistic talent in school, and began independently learning and pursuing art. This talent soon grew into a passion, and this passion soon grew into a family trade. Moha, his father, and his three brothers continue the trade today, and starting in 2003, began painting the murals that can be seen lining the streets of Boumalne Dades, reflecting the nature and culture of the area. Today, Moha and his family manifest their passions in a continued effort to paint culturally significant pieces, and Moha specifically works to bring his passion to the youth of the city. Moha and his family show the power of personal ambition, and express hope that passion can be pursued even when formal education is not present. 

Painting workshops offered include materials and technique demonstrations on color and perspective. Moha will take you through a two hour painting class, leaving you with valuable art skills and a souvenir to remember the nature and culture of South-eastern Morocco. 

Each individual who pays for a class will also provide free art classes to two children in Boumalne Dades. Moha’s studio, located in the center of town, provides classes for youth to learn skills in art and painting, cultural appreciation, and a chance to explore individual expression and life-skill development. 

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Sheikh is a sand painter, who is able to replicate nearly any picture using sand! He takes great pride in intricately placing each piece of sand, bringing colorful life to each piece of art. When the painting is done, you won't even notice that it is made of sand! 

Not only is Sheikh extremely talented, he is also an incredibly kind person, who makes each customer feel at home in his shop in Bakau. Additionally, he has tremendous aspirations and is studying hard to reach all of his goals, business and otherwise.

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