Eat, drink and party! Colombians love life and have been voted the happiest in the world on a number of occasions. While there is serious work being done throughout the country, particularly in Bogota, Colombians really know how to relax and just enjoy what life throws at them.

Even if you are not an avid partier, you will find the energy and excitement of the night life absolutely incredible. At the same time, a visit to Colombia is the chance to let yourself really just relax and soak up the simple life. Every little pueblo has something unique to offer; every region has some sort of amazing scenery that you will be farfetched to find anywhere else in the world; and every day has a sort of calm that will allow you to just soak it all in.

Do not be in a hurry. This is particularly true at lunch, which is the highlight of any Colombian day. To the Colombians, lunch is not meant to be had at a desk or quickly in between activities. Order something delicious and then take the time to appreciate every bite. Let life come to you, do not hurry it. Sip coffee in the mornings and, if you fancy, guaro (the local alcohol) all night.

Finally, DANCE! Colombians are known for their dancing and even if you have absolutely no skills at all, you will be expected to dance. Let go of your insecurities and get out on the dancefloor. Stay there until 5am. You will not regret letting in your Colombian side.