10 Must See Places

1. Medellin

This beautiful city, with perfect weather year round, is one of the most vibrant we have been to and is most certainly worth the visit.

2. Guatape

Not far from Medellin, Guatape is an absolute, hands-down, must visit destination. As if the colorful town was not enough, the breathtaking views that you can get from the top of the peñol will blow your mind.

3. Mongui

Being in Mongui will make you feel like you are in the middle of the Swiss Alps, but with a uniquely Colombian touch. Definitely, off the beaten path, this town in the Boyaca region is a spectacular spot to visit and offers excellent hiking options.

4. Raquira

This colorful town that is famous for its pottery, is really a site to be seen, nestled in the mountains of Boyaca. Every building in the center is painted in bright colors and there are stores selling loads and loads of excellent pottery, for great prices. Very artistic and completely unexpected.

5. Cartagena

Perhaps the most famous Colombian city, the whole old city, surrounded by the original walls, is a UN world heritage site. Colombia has done a fantastic job with preserving this beautiful city in such a way that makes you feel as though you are stepping back in time. There are also great islands nearby, that make for excellent beach day trips out of the city.

6. Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park: If you love hiking and getting out into nature, Tayrona is an exceptional choice. What makes this national park so beautiful is the fact that the Sierra Nevada mountains dump right on to the beautiful blue and green ocean. This area is highly protected and staying there overnight is only permitted in designated campsites. A visit to Tayrona is a truly unique and beautiful experience.

7. Bogotoa

While a bit overcrowded, the capital city of Colombia has a great deal to offer. The historic center, Candelaria, is excellent for exploring, particularly in Plaza Bolivar, which is essentially the center of all things governmental in the country; the gold museum showcases one of the country’s most precious resources, as well as its indigenous past; Monserrate offers spectacular views of the city, as well as a church that has a tremendous religious past; and there are restaurants a plenty, as well as great places to spend the night dancing away.   

8. Zona Cafetera

The coffee region of Colombia provides an opportunity to explore how the country’s most famous resource and export are made, as well as to enjoy breathtaking views and adventure activities.

9. San Andres y Providencia

Not in the continental Colombian territory, these islands are situated in the Caribbean Ocean, but are Colombian territory and are well worth the visit. Crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches will greet you upon your arrival. Providencia is a much more secluded, quiet island that takes some planning to get to, but is worth every minute and dollar.

10. San Gil

If you are at all an outdoor person, San Gil will be your dream. This small town is nestled in the middle of some of the country’s most breathtaking mountains, in the Santander region of the country. The town offers nearly any type of outdoor adventure you can imagine, from rafting and bike riding to hiking and zip lining.