5 Must See Places

1. Woligizi Mountain

Woligizi Mountain is Liberia's highest point. Hike through dense jungle, past waterfalls, and up multiple hills before you reach the summit where you can see 3 countries, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. 

2. Monrovia Beaches

Monrovia’s Beaches specifically Cece’s beach which is away from the crowds found on ELWA and Silver beach. 

3. Sapo National Park

Sapo National Park is a journey that takes 11 hours from Monrovia but is well worth the trip. The Sapo people gave up their land in order to create this park and have since dedicated their time to protecting and maintaining the land. According to Conservation International, Sapo National Park has the highest concentration of mammals on Earth. 

4. Marshall

Marshall is a coastal resort that hosts an island populated by rescued chimpanzees as well as, a swimmable lagoon, and golden beaches. 

5. East Nimba Nature Reserve

East Nimba Nature Reserve harbors monkeys, birds, butterflies, and the elusive pygmy hippo. Wander around multiple trails on your own or set up a guided tour to learn more about the flora and fauna of the park.