9 Must Try Senegalese Foods

1. Thiebou

Thiebou (pronounced che boo) is a sort of fried rice type of dish, with various spices mixed in with meat (thiebou yapp) or fish (thiebou diene) and vegetables. 

2. Mafe

Mafé is a white rice dish with a peanut (groundnut) sauce, with chicken or beef.

3. Dibi

Take a slab of meat, with bones, chop it up in small pieces, rub oil and spices on it and grill it up and you have dibi! A local favorite, particularly for dinner.

4. Accara

Accara is generally served at breakfast and often with bread, this is a deep fried dish, made from ground black-eyed peas, sort of like the Senegalese version of falafel. Typically served on the street, in small stands.  

6. Yasse

Yasse is onions, perhaps Senegal’s favorite food staple, are the primary focus of this dish, which is usually served with chicken. The dish mixes mustard, chile, lime and Maggi, with onions, to serve as a sauce over chicken and then is served with or over white rice.

5. Soupe Kanja

Soupe kanja is a sticky, gooey, okra stew, made with beef or fish and usually served over White rice.

7. Thiou

Thiou is a tomato and onion based thick sauce, served with fish (thiou diene) or meat (thiou yapp) and over rice.

8. Thiakry

Thiakry is a thick yogurt served with a millet couscous and lots of sugar, is a great dessert or sweet snack.

9. Seafood

Seafood is very good in Senegal and is one of the country’s staples. You can find different preparations and different fishes and be assured that it is always fresh.