At night fall is when the pulse of the city truly reveals itself. There is a range of nightlife options from high end lounges and nightclubs to local drinking spots on the sidewalk.


A food lover? Well, as Liberians love to eat, one can always find local and international cuisine far and wide. Whether in a 4 star restaurant or enjoying street food, there is always an opportunity for one to feast like a king at some of the most affordable prices.


As the Liberian tourism sector continues to rise there are a slew of options for sightseeing and leisure.  The coastline is composed of the Atlantic Ocean, while inland one can find the treasures of various lagoons, river, lakes, mountains, and rainforest. Is surfing your thing? Then venture over to Robertsport, a 2-3 hour drive from Monrovia where some of the most beautiful remote beaches with some of the best waves are found. This quaint little town is frequented by surfers from all over the world, and is also perfect for hiking, fishing and camping.


If you are an animal lover then venture over to Sapo National Park. Though a long and rugged journey from the city center, it is perfect for adventure tourists that want to take a peek at the country’s various wildlife, including over 500 species of birds, pygmy hippos, forest elephants, chimps, golden cats leopards, and more.


For those culture enthusiast looking for an experience like no other, get whisked away to Kpatawee. Covered by a lush canopy, this tumbling waterfall and large natural swimming pool offer a great way to relax and enjoy Liberia’s natural wonders.


Historically know as a sacred place where ancient people would go for good luck and blessings this is the perfect backdrop for learning more about traditional Liberian culture. Enjoy storytelling, traditional dance, music, and art and even some traditional healing practices though herbal remedies.