8 Must Try Moroccan Foods

1. Couscous

Couscous is a traditional Friday meal in Morocco. When you walk through the streets on Friday afternoon you are sure to smell this glorious dish. Traditional Moroccan couscous takes about 3 hours to prepare. Piles and piles of couscous topped with a large mound of meat and vegetables and topped off with the broth everything was cooked in. If someone offers you an opportunity to eat couscous in their home, take it! Nothing beats homemade couscous.

2. Tajine

Tajine is a traditional dish cooked in a large clay plate with a cone top. This dish can be prepared in a number of ways but our favorite is with Lamb and prunes. Tajine consists of meat and vegetables but can also be made with eggs cooked into a tomato and onion sauce. Tajine is eaten with your hands using bread pieces as your utensils. Our favorite type of tajine is Lamb and Prune tajine. 

3. Basara

Basara is a cheap and hearty option for travelers. This soup is made from Fava beans and garlic topped with an olive oil drizzle, cumin, and salt. Our favorite place to enjoy this soup is in Essaouira. Ask around and the locals will take you to the right spot. A bowl of Basara usually costs less than a dollar and will be sure to fill you up.

4. Msmn

Msmn can be found in all cities and is a must try. This thick crepe like dish can be served with honey, jam, Nutella, or make it a breakfast sandwich and have it with eggs and cheese. Msmn is a quick and cheap option for snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

5. Harira

Harira is a traditional red soup made with veggies, lentils, thin noodles, and garbanzo beans. This soup is sold in most cities and can serve as a very cheap and hearty meal. Depending on what region you are in the soup will vary ever so slightly to match the local flavor.

6. Camel Sandwich

Camel Sandwich sounds like a bizarre dish but it’s one of our favorites. You can find fancy expensive camel burgers in restaurants in Fez and parts of Marrakech but our favorite comes from a small street stall in Fez. Cafe Clock is a widely known cafe in Fez and if you can get there you can get to our camel guy. Directly across the alleyway from Cafe Clock is a meat stall with a camel head hanging on the side. This is the spot. A great experience of local cuisine and satisfying journey for the taste buds.

7. Mint Tea

Mint Tea is a Moroccan must! Mint tea is everywhere in Morocco. A very sweet black tea made with fresh mint and served in beautiful glasses. A traditional tea experience is watching the tea be poured from high heights. A great cup of tea is one with many bubbles on top which, is created by the high pouring technique. Step into the kitchen and learn how it is made and we can promise, you will never make tea the same again. 

8. Olives

Olives in Morocco are sure to satisfy the taste buds. Flavors range from traditional black, sweet, spicy, lemon, garlic, and more. Tours of olives can be seen in most markets. If you need a cheap and filling snack pick up a bag of olives and a loaf of bread generally costing around $5 total.

Photo by Anna and Michal on Flickr