Daraa Tribes //


Relying heavily on the sounds of the Gnawa, Amazigh, Saharoua, and Regaga tribes, Daraa Tribes fuses these traditional (some of them ancient) rhythms, melodies, and lyrics with modern and electric instruments, creating a unique music style reflecting the vibrant and diverse culture spread throughout the oases of the Daraa River Valley in the South Eastern Moroccan Sahara. They call it Oasis Blues.


Writing of drought, thunder and rain, freedom, the beauty of their country, the Daraa Valley of generations past, the diversity of the local cultures, different tribes living in peace together, and everyday life in their oasis town of Tagounite, Daraa Tribes captures a range of emotions and a thousand-year-old local history to show the outside world that peace and tolerance are possible, no matter which tribe, country, or culture you come from.

Ankit Strestha //


Ankit Shrestha picked up his first ever instrument at ten years old, on being forced to check a box for his after-school-activity. Between dancing, keys, guitar and other forgettable options, he, of course, chose his first instrument: the guitar. ​


“I’ve always liked the idea of records: storing memory of a particular time. 5/6 Years back, we put out an EP (with Plan Aftermath) while I was back home. We were just starting the band but we wanted to record whatever we had so that we could have it on record for forever. As a solo artist, things changed for me, it had to be more practical than romantic. I needed to have a recorded EP primarily so that people would remember me even after watching me busk/perform for a few minutes. There’s the romantic idea of being a musician and there’s the practical part of being one. Got to stay true but also got to keep it alive.”