Nepal is the ultimate destination for mountain junkies. Some of the world’s most challenging and iconic hikes are located in the Himalaya of Nepal. Hike for days, eat a hot meal, and camp out under the stars among the highest peaks in the world. Nepal is a hikers dream. Don’t worry though, Nepal has a lot of other adrenaline filled activities to offer if you are not keen on hiking. Kayak or raft down a Nepali river, ice climb on massive glaciers, or mountain bike endless amounts of trails. Nepal is sure to satisfy the adventurer in you but if you travel to Nepal for a less adrenaline packed journey, don’t fear, there is plenty to see and do.


Take a stroll through the ancient streets of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur and tour centuries old Buddhist monasteries and stupas. Stroll through the city streets and fill your belly with diverse foods from around the world, take time to mediate with local monks, or set off for a backpackers dream of camping, hiking, and exploring new towns in remote places. Nepal is an adrenaline journey through a meditative experience. Don't be afraid to press the boundaries and leap out of your comfort zone. 

Photo by Voranan Mongkolpumirat