Peru is a place full of wild adventure and diverse culture. Tour Lima and witness firsthand the mark of Spanish colonialism in the architecture and rhythm of life, travel to the sacred valley in the Cuzco region and pay homage to the complex roots of the Incan people, or set off on a multiple day trek through the Andes, the Amazon River and the giant sand dunes of the Huacachina. Peru is a country that takes time to understand. 

When we traveled to Peru we only had a week to explore. Our time was spent in Lima, Cuzco, Lares, Machu Picchu and the sacred valley. Our journey took us on a 3 day trek through Lares where we submitted a mountain standing at 14,735 ft tall and relaxed our bodies in natural hot springs. After our trek we set off for the sacred valley and Machu Picchu. We saw Incan ruins and learned about their culture and language from local guides. We ate guinea pig, chewed on cocoa leaves, and sat on the shores of the pacific. Overall the trip was remarkable but what made it unforgettable was meeting with local Peruvians who taught us history, culture, and language.