Peru is a predominantly Catholic and socially conservative country and would not be considered among the world’s progressive countries in terms of LGTBQI rights. In larger cities, there are see spaces for those who identify with the LGTBQI community. Lima and Cusco have a number of bars, discos, inns, and restaurants that are gay-friendly. If you are planning on traveling to smaller rural communities than expect to see some backlash for being openly queer. Some travelers have reported hearing verbal aggression as well as some physical gestures. The word maricón is a commonly used derogatory term for homosexuals. 

For more travel tips and to find out safe spaces in Peru check out these sites: for gay-oriented package tours, news, and info on nightclubs and hotels for a list of gay-friendly restaurants, lodging, and nightclubs for general gay-friendly info in Lima

Capital City

Lima is the capital of Peru and its largest city hosting around 8.5 million people. Founded in 1535 by the Spanish, Lima is a clash of modernity, slums, and a colonial past. Lima is a great place to experience both local and international cuisine. Ceviche and a variety of other fish dishes are especially popular in this coastal city. If you are traveling for city life than Lima is a great place to stay. The neighborhood of Mira Flores is a must visit area while visiting Lima. Right on the water, Mira Flores has a number of beautiful beach areas, a great night scene, and a number of delectable restaurants.


Best Climate

Peru has two distinct seasons, wet and dry or summer and winter. Peru’s high season for ideal travel months is generally in the drier months from May through October. The most popular months for travel are July and August but May and September are ideal months for most of the country. Airlines and hotel consider mid-December through mid-January (summer months) as peak seasons which creates an increase in prices. We visited the country in May and did a 3-day trek in the Lares region as well as a tour of Cuzco, Machu Picchu, the sacred valley, and Lima. Our weather in Lima was sublime with sun all days and our weather all other places consisted of sun and rain. 

If you are traveling to Peru for a trek through the Andes June to September (winter months) are your ideal months. The days are generally sunny and dry and the nights are chilly especially at higher elevations. If you are going to do the Inca Trail specifically than these are your choice months. If the Amazon basin is what calls you to Peru, June to September are also ideal months due to a lower number of mosquitos. If the river calls to you and you plan on doing epic water adventure traveling than visiting the basin in the wet season specifically the month go April, maybe a better time to visit.

Travel Tips for Peru