Social & Cultural

When you travel globally you are not only going to a different place, you are stepping into a different culture. One of the absolute best things about international travel is the possibility of stepping outside what is familiar and gaining a new perspective on life. You can’t imagine the lessons in life there are to be learned in countries different than your own. Each culture has its own unique characteristics, its own ways of life. All are equally important and each deserves equal respect. There is no one culture in this world that is better than others.


One unfortunate aspect of our increasingly globalized world is that many cultures are losing much of what makes them unique. This is particularly true in those areas that depend most heavily on tourism as a primary source of income. In an effort to make tourists feel more at home, with the hopes that they will stay longer and return more frequently, many places have lost a bit (or, in some cases, almost all) of what makes them a great place to visit in the first place.


By losing cultural identity, we are losing a piece of ourselves. If everywhere looks and acts the same, what then is the purpose of traveling? If we all look and act and think the same, then what will we have to learn from one another? How will we grow as a civilization?


We as travelers have a duty and obligation to respect local cultures. We have an obligation to respect the people that welcome us into their home and to assure accept their way of life for what it is, without trying to impose our own beliefs or culture on them. How do we go about traveling in a way that sustains world cultures? Dunia Unificada has put together tips and ideas for assuring you do the most you can to respect local people and cultures when traveling internationally. We have also included businesses we think you should be supporting in our target countries, because of their efforts to preserve the lifestyle of local communities and ensure their future. Finally, we share stories with you of incredible people going to great lengths to make sure their culture remains intact and visiting their country one hundred years from now will be equally rich as it is today. As with all parts of our site, this is a work in progress.


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