11 Must Try Tanzanian Foods

1. Ugali

A Tanzanian staple, made from cornmeal and cassava flour, forming a sort of sticky dough ball, which is best served with various sauces and eaten with hands. 

2. Nyama Chorna

Grilled meat, most often in kebab style, served on the street or in restaurants; goat is a local favorite. 

3. Pilau

A rice dish originating from India, this dish, where rice is cooked in a stock and then meats and vegetables added, has become commonplace in Tanzanian homes, particularly along the coast, and is often served at large celebrations.

4. Ndizi Nyama

a plantain-based stew with meat or fish. 

5. Supu ya Ndizi

another plantain dish, more soup like. 

6. Chips Mayai

an omelette made with french fries, or chips, depending on your home country, best eaten with spicy ketchup!

7. Makubi

a dish that introduces peanuts, a Tanzanian favorite, by creating a sauce made from spinach, peanut butter, and tomatoes; may sound strange to those not accustomed, but it is excellent!

8. Walki Wa Nazi

served mostly on the coast, this is a rice made with coconut that is really an incredible addition to any meal.

9. Chapatti Bread

similar to Indian flatbread, this bread is an excellent item to pick up at any local grocery store or bakery. 

10. Mangoes with Cayenne Pepper

served right on the street, during mango season.

11. Chai Tea

Tanzanians make an excellent, milk based tea, using spices similar to that of the chai tea in India; often very spicy!